Technology's influence on our daily lives is indirect as well as direct, unseen as well as seen, unconcious as well as concious. It is an intregal aspect of our personal "Inner and outer landscape". The more we are exposed to, and hopefully progress from our technological advances, the more we should be aware of the sensitivity as well as the durabilty of the natural world.

Ultimately my work strives to create an awareness in myself (and hopefully in others) of the "inter-relatedness" of life...the giving and receiving on all levels that creates an equilibrium that is necessary not only to survive, but to flourish.

"The mind knows what the heart feels so the hand can make it.." (Richard DeVore)  While DeVore was an artist that worked strictly with clay, he managed to create a balanced world in which to live visually within his sculptural vessels. My work strives in a similar manner but with multiple materials that are intended to convey the passage of time, architecture both large and small, utilitarian objects both contemporary and prehistoric and natural phenomenon. In the work represented, the underlying theme is EQUILIBRIUM...How do we achieve it, and then maintain it. Life is a balancing act that requires us to once again; give and receive.

In the earlier EQUI SERIES, the bowl contained an image/object called a "matate", or grinding stone. In my work this utilitarian object is used as the primary "balancing weight"...centered  and nestled in the bowl, it represents mankind past, present and future in the pursuit of a balanced life.

In the later EQUI SERIES, the work has progressed to a much larger scale primarily based on the material itself...the bowl is now fabricated out of aluminum...lighter - larger - stronger. The "balancing weight" has become multiple objects, from "boulders to brass evergreens, from tree trunks to planets, all finding a way to maintain a balance point.

Distilled simply, my work has always been about nature...The experience, the hopeful awareness of, the ignorance of, and the love and appreciation of what I term, "it's magic."

The man made counterpart to nature is technology...observe its effect on nature and consequently it's effect on human existence; both good and bad. My intent is to draw together these components to create through the combinations of materials  the physical and psychological  maintenance of equilibrium.